City Laws


Nadine Hatcher, Dept of Archives &Vital Statistics

In Chocolate City, these laws are enforced locally. Hood Council Advisors develop city ordinances to govern the public

 All ordinances are adopted by the Chocolate City Hood Council and take effect immediately upon publication, unless a specific effective Round is indicated. City ordinances are maintained online by Nadine Hatcher.

 Chocolate City Hood Laws & Ordinances

1a.  The Hood Council, Administration (Created Round 3002)
The Hood council is made up of eight Advisors. Each of these Advisors represent the eight departments of the administration. Each Advisor is selected through the City Election process.

The departments that make up the Hood Council are:
  • Defense
  • City Planning and Development
  • Finance and Business Services
  • Law and Social Services
  • Health and Science
  • Education & Religion
  • Community Arts and Recreation
  • Archives and Vital Statistics

1b. City Elections (Created Round 3002)
Advisor selection is based on the candidate's community score. The community score is a total of the candidate's skills, interests and personality in each departmental area.

Mayor = (TBD)
Defense = (Travel, Crime, Logic, Paranormal)/4
City Planning and Finance = (Politics, Logic, Creativity, Money)/4
Law and Social Services = (Politics, Crime, Logic, Charisma)/4
Education = (Politics, Logic, School, Culture)/4
Medicine and Science = (Politics, Logic, Health, Environment, Neat)/5
Community Arts and Recreation = (Politics, Body, Creativity, Active, Entertainment)/5

Archives and Vital Statistics = (TBD)