City Hall

Welcome to Chocolate City’s City Hall. Inside are the Mayor's office, council administrative offices, the Visitor Center, conference room and a lovely Marriage and Reception Hall. 

Round 3002 - Current Mayor Bill Williams
Updated Round 3002 by Nadine Hatcher, Archives and Vital Statistics

Administration Offices
The Hood Council currently consists of seven members, including the Mayor. These members oversee the following departments:

  1. Defense
  2. Finance and Business Services
  3. City Planning and Development
  4. Law and Social Services
  5. Health and Science
  6. Education
  7. Community Arts and Recreation
  8. Archives and Vital Statistics

Along with their departmental duties, this team is also responsible for constructing the city laws and attending all scheduled meetings. Council meetings are held on the 2nd floor of the building every month until further notice.

Marriage and Reception Hall
All city hall marriages are performed by civil celebrants and are by appt only. 

  • Marriage Ceremony: $500
  • Reception Hall: $250