The Visitor Center

Micah McClain, Webmaster.
Welcome to the Chocolate City Visitor Center located in City Hall.  The Visitor Center is the perfect starting point for everyone visiting the city. Here you will find updates on what is happening in the city.

Location and Operation Hours
First floor of City Hall
Open Monday-Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

CocoaVia Chat and Blog
Stay in tune with what's happening with the teens of Chocolate City by visiting the hot social network CocoaVia. Coming Soon!

City Updates 
All updates will be available here, under City updates. Updates provided by the City's website manager, Micah McClain.

Council Updates:

Household Updates:
Welcome to all of the residents moving in! The White Pages are currently being updated to include all our new households moving into the city.

Game Play Updates:

"For Sims By Sims means the hood story is told by sims from a sims perspective. This concept was first created by the good people of Simmerville, and then carried forth by sites such as Simmington Hills, Apple Valley and the city of Laurel Crossing. Along with the FSBS mentality, I also play with a custom hood (townies created by me) and an integrated economy.